Inspiration hit me hard, I really love mafia inspired AUs and suits so wanted to try doing something with that but also them addressing the viewer.

Linework Part 1

And here we go into lines, I keep getting really self-critical about the hands so I've probably redone them all several times over. The hands their grabbing would be you the viewer.

Lineart Before Coloring

So got around to finishing the lines and prepping it to start colours and background. I want to express each of their personalities very clearly in their shots.

Color Flats

Now I added the flats not only on the characters but also for the background, I drew in the flowers in different colours and levels to make the image pop more. I wanted the flowers in front to be coming out of the image while the ones in back bring out the boys. I also really like the idea of using the light lines for some of the flowers and dark on others. Each boy has two different flowers and each flower has its own meaning that fits that boy.

Color Shading Part 1

Now we have the shading/rendering of the guys. I also added patterns to their clothing (or in Karamatsu's case, a lot of sparkle). Now the only thing left to do is to finish the BG and put in minor details.

Finished Image

So I finished up a lot of the details, shaded the backgrounds and flowers, added some pattern to the curtains as well. I also changed the border into a simply rendered gold to make it pop out more.