Rough Sketch

Basic composition. Worried more about the position of characters and set piece than I am anything else.

Background Layer

A purplish shade of color to work as the background. Hue and everything can be adjusted as we move forward.


Painting of Pegasus. I do everything in grayscale and then mix and match afterwards. It's very important to get your shadows down before you start with color, I feel. Sometimes when people work exclusively in color, their sense of light and dark becomes a little skewed, so I try for grayscale first. I do the same with Yugi, but I omit that here.

Pegasus In Color

Confident in his grayscale image, I transition to color. I also make alterations to his face.

Dark Yugi

Dark Yugi's next. I spend a lot of time on his hands and face and will get around to the rest of his body as I build up everything else.

Yugi And The Castle

I add Yugi and the castle. I change the pose Yugi has to something a little more dramatic and make sure that the castle at least looks okay before I start fiddling around with the lighting any more.


Added some extra effects, borders and fixed the angle on a few things. This is pretty much done for the most part.