Sketch (Final)

A sketch of deer prancing up the Path to the Moon. Purposefully left a bit loose and dreamy, as they will be detailed so.

Palette Strip

A blending of watercolors in purples, dash of teal and blue, and white Gouache atop for the deer test. The path will actually be lighter and a touch golden, not dark blues as her hooves touch.

Color Blocking, First Layer

First layer to begin the clouds and settle purple reign over the image. This painting is to be mostly purple, but added pinks and teals, to deep purples and indigo to deepen contrast.

Color Pouring

Several Layers of color later, beginning to pick out the flow and the path.

Cleaning Up The Flow, Deer Appear!

Cleaning up where the clouds and the path are, attempting to line the clouds up so they eye moves along the piece. Still several layers to go to make the deer pop, the clouds align, and of course - add in all the stars!

More Cloud Work!

Went back with Gouache and attempted to fix the "dead end" on the middle tier. I believe I will still add more depth to the middle teal sky, and then much details of deer, stars, and a bit more cloud work.