I sketch out the body, set it to low opacity, then sketch clothes/hair/etc on top.


Line directly over the sketch. Some transforming here to get her to feel more balance. I wanted to try out this new lineart brush--not super in love with the result. It looks fine, just pretty stylistically similar to everything else I do & I was hoping to vary it up a little. Gonna finish coloring anyway because, well, I lined it, haha.


I block out the base, do a fill layer in the skin color, then color in the clothes/accessories from top-most (necklace, boots) to bottom-most layer (shirt).


Threw some texture/sitching on the pants to make them look a little less flat. Cell shading (fill layer in purple, erase away light) and gradient light (big soft brush at 300px, brushing in yellow from the right).

Highlights And Finish

Sharp highlights on the hair/metal/boots to make it shinier. Then a layer of noise set to overlay, for a slightly grainy final look.