A composition that came to me on my way back home, so I quickly sketched it in my phone for later. It's hard for anyone else to figure out, but it's enough information for my brain to retain it. At this step, you should be worrying more about what is easily readable for you than for others. Those steps will come later.

Color Test

I quickly sketch in both characters and the Gods with colors to see what tone I'm going for in all of this. I decide to keep their respective left and right eyes obscured for greater dramatic effect.

Grayscale + Color Test

I start filling in Yugi and Kaiba in grayscale and then see how the colors look over top of that as well.


I start sketching in the Gods and I add new colors to them, Yugi and Kaiba. Since Obelisk and Osiris will be in blue and red respectively, I decide to just work in color from here on out.


Adding in elements to the background now and making sure everything is readable. My rule is that even when made into a thumbnail, the piece should give enough information so that you know what is going on, who is in the drawing and what story it's trying to tell.