As with most things, I tend to sketch onto paper rather than draw it into an art program


My lines aren't fancy but they're clean enough to pass, at least o u o" I think about here I lowered opacity for the sketch layer so i could more clearly see my lines.


whoops i forgot to take a picture of the shading... but it's fairly basic;; But yeah, flats!

Shading And Highlights

I've already gotten everything to where I like it, I really should've remembered to take a picture laying things down. Things look a bit dark at this stage.

Coloured The Lines

Just what the title says. I clip on a layer to my lineart and colour it according to the area. I feel it makes things look softer and more finished, but I don't know if that's true :')


For this portion, I had four layers overlayed on my colouring. The four layers were overlay, luminousity and multiply for a light orange-yellow and a light blue to add some "lighting"

Finishing Touches

Easiest step, just add some (free-use) stock to make things look more finished and then....


!! sorry for an extra image, it was basically done in the step before, but because of the formatting for buttons I thought it was a little confusing. This is what'll go on the button's face! (the rest is crimped in)