3d Base

The starting 3D render provided by my friend for the project. It took me a while to realize the chairs were a bit too perfectly placed, but we lost the file with this camera setup. 8T Oh well. Also, the odd colored shapes outside the windows are incomplete models for the rest of the campus.

Shape Blocking

Using the polygonal lasso tool, I blocked out the different surfaces on separate layers. This most tedious part, but it makes painting a lot easier later. I wanted to reduce the number of tables/computers, so I excluded a couple in the back row.

Rough Colors

A very very quick color pass to figure out the main parts of the room haha.

Rough Colors

I duplicated and applied the general color scheme pass back to the main the blocked shapes (ceiling, side pillars, carpet). I adjusted and painted the carpet a bit to start getting a better sense of the lighting before moving on to the furniture. I used a soft round brush and screen layer blending to get the effect of light shining through the windows.

Rough Colors

Finished laying down the base colors. I did some color balancing to add more yellows and aquas. I also added the lines for the ceiling panels.


Started softening the shading with a soft round brush. I wanted to keep a bit of the brush strokes for texture.


Adding more shading and highlights. I used the original render as a reference for the shading under the desks.

Painting And Effects

Finished shading the rest of the furniture. I added a color balance adjustment layer to bring in some warmer colors. I also used a soft brush on low opacity to add a bit of bloom around the windows.


Added in some papers and computer mice on the desks. Took some screenshots to add to some of the screens :P

Final Piece

Adjusted some of the shadows and lighting. I wanted to add some overexposed elements outside the windows, so I added some parts of the original render back in.