Rough Sketch

I find that sketching slowly is actually faster than trying to get everything down as fast as possible. I only blocked in his eyes to get the placement right before I go into details and cry because I have to redraw them. EYES ARE HARD

Detailed Sketch

Kinda self explanatory. I swear, though, I always make Levi's eyes look too East Asian, so I'm glad that I managed to make them closer to how Isayama draws them. Another perk about sketching slowly is that you can actually hear yourself think about what's the best next move.

Painting Prep

Okay, this step was literally just me darkening the background and adding a base, but I swear it's important! The muscles and blood beneath our skin is reddish (at least, if you're alive...) so with light skintones like Levi's, I like to paint on top of a layer of red. It's kind of like painting the skin on top of his flesh!

Skintone Color Variation

Nothing special except that I stupidly forgot this step until after I started painting in the lights and shadows, I had to make another layer over everything to add redness to his nose, lips and cheeks as well as dullness to his chin and panda eyes.

Painting Over The Sketch

Kind of self explanatory. but yeah, I like to paint over my sketch while erasing parts of it as I go. Time to look up more refs...