Initial Sketch

Just getting a rough idea for what I want to do-- wondering if I should leave the tiara, or just have her have a flower crown? I'm terrible at trying to be ornate. lol.

Sketch 2 Pose Change

So, I decided to keep the tiara after some feedback, and adjusted the pose a bit before making the final sketch. Sorry for poor image quality, used my phone-- but the changes are clear.

Base Colors

Laid down a base layer with watercolors. The flowers didn't quite turn out, but I'll work with it, and I'll try to gain some control in that area with the next layer of color.

Finished Traditional Coloring

Would up going over everything with colored pencils, it really made the skull pop, and I'm actually happy with how the wings transformed. I'm second-guessing my use of a brush pen for the outlines, though.

Finished Piece

Polished & shined in Photoshop with a starry background for the circle. :)