Here's the original art I've been using for my ads/business cards. Super messy!!


Sketching out some possible poses for the characters, as well as layouts for what I want the cards and ads to look like. Trying to avoid characters just standing around and looking at the viewer --- I wonder if I can come up with something that shows the characters' personalities?


Finally I decided on a concept that shows Auto being dragged around by Gear! Sort of silly haha.


I don't know why this took me so long! Changed Gear's outfit just a tad during this stage to make him look less boring. He looks like a baby pirate lol


This is actually my first time drawing them in color, full body so... time to figure out their color scheme I guess! I like the top version a bit better... any suggestions?

Rough Shading

Roughly planning out light and shadow to try and minimize hem-hawing later!

Shading And Colored Lineart

I hemmed and hawed a bunch anyway! I think my hesitation stems partially from my boring character designs which aren't super great. Bleh.

Business Card!

I used this art on a business card/mini-flyer for the webcomic :D


And a few versions of the artwork with the sky background were used on some banner ads for use on Project Wonderful.

Ad Version 2

I need to figure out how to A/B test these and see which one performs better. :O EDIT: Ooh, looks like both Google Adwords and Project Wonderful have an option to dynamically adjust how often they show an ad based on how well it performs! Interesting. I think I'll try to figure out how to use this on the cover for the Chapter 2 book?? maybe???