My thumbs are very rough, very basic! I also write notes to myself to work stuff out.


Moving onto to sketching stage.

Clean Sketch

Tweaked the face, added some shading, drew many many flowers! I'm kind of taking liberties with how big chamomile flowers actually are. 100% accuracy isn't my main goal here.

Shading, Rendering

Getting all the colors blocked in and rendering stuff. Colored my lines just a little. Not super detailed here because admittedly my endgame is to use this on a business card, lol)

Final Piece

I doubled the lineart layer and set it to Overlay mode because the lines were getting kinda lost in the shading. I also changed the background color to an olive-brown and added a faint marble texture. Tweaked the colors overall to something a little more unified and warm. And I think I'm happy with where this is at now!

Epilogue: Business Card

Random, but this is one of the new designs I am going to use for business cards at cons and such. I like drawing people, and flowers, so I wanted a way to showcase both.