Rough Sketch

Essentially doodling, just getting the pose, building the form, and rough idea of the piece.

Final Sketch

Minor adjustments, Completed the garnet rod & pillar design. Ready for inking!

Line Art

Finally getting back to this. <3 Per suggestions, I've removed the reflection for now, I'll add it back in and tweak the perspective when the color's done.

Flat Colors

Base colors down! :D

Color Details 1

Skin & hair shaded. Onto the uniform!

Color Details 2

Finished shading in the figure, going for a softer cel shading, expanding on things I've learned since drawing her back in '09. Now to the tricky part-- the BG!

Color Details 3

Columns=death. Lol. all shading is done and the background base has been added. onto glowing effects and reflection!

Finished Image

All sparkly and glowy and done! <3