This started as an Inktober image based on the theme "Look."

Grayscale + Lighting + Coloring Lineart

Adding depth to my image by determining my light source (in the front) in grayscale. Additionally, I added what I thought to be the important colors for the image.

Color Rough

Adding in the colors for the face and hair using cool colors for the shadows and warm colors for the light. Since I am painting over my lineart and did not want lines to show up, I decided to add additional hair strands to give more flow and movement to the piece.


Here I concentrated in sculpting the eyes and other facial features into the head to make the face more realistic. I also experimented with highlights in the eyes to bring the attention to that area.


Here I lighted up and rounded her face for a more youthful look. I've also adjusted the highlights in the eyes as the previous one looked a little daunting.

Color, Complete, Final

Lightened the color some more, curved her eyes ever so slightly downward with a more inviting set of highlights, and added a statement that would prompt the viewer to take a closer look. This girl may seem happy, but she's more than meets the eye.