not much to say, I still feel most comfortable sketching on paper


very basic lining-- 3 for most of it and 4 for the eyes! I lowered the opacity on the sketch to see more clearly


thankfully because it's small i don't have to be super clean about laying flats


there's not much to say about this step, pretty basic


highlights are scary ufufu-- I also realized I didn't give lapis her duck butt... or make the colours nearly dark enough, so there's a lot of change around here!

Finishing Touches

I adjusted the hair and eye colours, added in some more shading and high lights to make things look less flat and got a free-use background from pixiv


and this is about what the button should look like once it's pressed (サヨ excluded) i still have to mess around with the colours until I'm totally happy but for now, it's complete q w q)/