Wanted to do a more complex composition I usually do, so I tried putting random art supplies in the background to make things more interesting!


Lineart! Moved Chiyo's eye a bit as it was calling off to the side. I think her hair is a bit thicker than I'd like it to be, but trying something new!


Woops I forgot to take process shots as I went :P Looked at a lot of my favorite pixiv artists for color inspiration as I worked... also worked on making everything harmonious using warm colors. Darkened the pink background in the corners to create a bit more focus. The checkerboard background was done using photoshop and a lot of copy and paste! Darn you SAI and your lack of good shape tools!


Adjusted the overall color settings and added stronger contrast by making the highlights lighter! Added a lace texture to the background to make it a bit more interesting and lightened the pink as well.