Initial Sketch

A quick sketch of what I'm working on

Inks And Detail

Inked in the foreground and added a fence and building in the BG.

Coloring Background 1

A quick coloring in of the pool and a line of trees. Pool is made of 4 colors smoothed out. The trees are 4 or 5 layers, a low saturated blue for the back, tree trunks, dark green for foreground shading, and light green for foreground. Yellow for shine.

Pool Details Color Background 2

Added layers of grass, similarly to how I drew the trees, added some details in the pool and mild ripples (using overlays). I also added a gradient sky,

Foreground Coloring

I colored in the main character, and objects he interacts with. I also changed the sky to a more overcast/stormy feel. A simple and easy color of the building in the back.

Alterations, More Details

I changed the sky back, drew new clouds. (added their reflection in the pool as well) I altered the intensity of the lights and shadows on the main character.

Alterations 2

I added more tones of color to the shorts, and adjusted his bum as it didn't feel natural. I added more ripple reflection in the pool as well.


I gave the whole image a blue overlay at low opacity. It's a slight difference but brings everything in together.\

Finished Promo Pic

Finished by adding the logos