Basic Sketch

Quick scribble sketch

Sketch Details

Adding some details on a new layer in a new color

Sketch Cont...

Adding more to the sketch

Inks (Additional)

Inked the character, set up a simple texture grid for the background to be mapped upon

Water 1

Adding the basic color of the lake

Water 2

Adding rocks, shadows and a bit of the reflective color from skin and clothes

Water 3

Adding shines and background wisteria


Lilypads and flowers added. I made a pad brush for this one and another picture, colored individually.

Bg Overlays Base Color

Base colors for the main character and overlayed some purples and aqua on the waters for reflective purposes.

Color Overlays

Added a few overlays, for reflective colors from plants and water.


Shadows added, and added some colors to the shirt.

More Overlays And Lights

Added lights to the hair, overlays to the feathers, and shading to the shirt.


Lights on the feathers, hair, glows on the shirt

Little Deets

Feathers and petals added

Drippy Water And Wisteria

Added water to the skin and Wisteria to the foreground

Finishing Touches

Finished off by adding some light and shadows to the water.

Finished Picture

Finished, added some logos