The starting sketch in Photoshop. Planning out the general layout and furniture.

Perspective Sketch

Moving into FireAlpaca now. And now the perspective fun begins! I set down some vanishing points roughly based on my sketch, then draw out the box for the room. I use a character sprite to feel out the scale of the room. (Note relationship between the sprites and the horizon line.) It took me a while to figure out this clone sprite trick, but once it's set up, it's easy to drop into any other VN background with the same horizon line position.

Perspective Sketch

Using the sprites as reference, I block out the furniture bounding boxes. I kinda use the ground grid as a starting point for figuring out all the furniture footprints. There's a shift in the composition from the corrected perspective. Also, I keep some extra margins around the final framing for better judging foreground objects. Hence the black border haha.


Detailing begins! I use the FA pen tool set to a size of 1.8


Here's the finished lineart after many painstaking hours ;v;

Rough Colors

I bring the lineart layers back into Photoshop and start planning out the color scheme on one layer.


I separate out all the individual furniture/item layers and start to refine the lighting and shading.

Final Colors

Here are the final colors after I finish painting all the individual items and layers.

Additional Effects

To bring the colors and final look together, I add some multiply and overlay layers. I use a soft brush to create the bloom effects around the windows. Finally, I add some adjustment layers for the tweaking the saturation and color balance.