Sketched out a rough composition, with each person on a different layer. Made it easier to transform and move around individual parts until I figured out a composition I liked. I especially had trouble with the right side, but ended up adding a small Harvest Goddess and some stray books to fill up space there. Not really sure about the background yet... something plain and decorative?


Whoops, forgot to take a screenshot of the lines process. Flats done! Colors are clashing, which means I need to adjust so they're on a harmonious color scheme. Also playing around with a potential background idea here... I definitely think I need to go with something lower-contrast and lighter so that it doesn't clash with the variety of stuff going on in the fore and midground.

Rough Colors

Painting over the flats roughly to work out the color palette and trying to harmonize everything...

Color Palette

At this point, I decided to restrict myself to an actual color palette! I used the Scratchpad feature in SAI and jotted down a few colors (roughly positioned where they are in SAI's color wheel). As you can see, I have a tight range of orange and reds, and a much wider range of greens and blues. I told myself to stick to this range NO MATTER WHAT while coloring --- just varying the saturation and tint. I really think this helped create a unified look! I was reading some of these color tutorials on Tumblr that really helped as well! (


Painting, painting, painting! Continually trying to tighten up the color range so everything stays harmonious. For example, you can see that Karen's vest isn't really purple -- it's a desaturated red! Colored in the lineart here too. Also, put some detail into the background to make it look like foilage, and the effect turned out nicely, I think!