Color Sketch

Hey! It's been forever since I last came here. I've really missed the positive vibe here, though, so I want to be start posting here again! Here's to hoping I don't fall off the face of the earth again ahaha. I actually started by drawing myself a reference sheet of the Izanami and making some thumbnails (those are on my old PC, though; will add those here later!). Here, I plan out colors, lighting and whatnot.

Refined Sketch

Well, "refined"; it's still super messy! Here, I'm trying to finalize the positioning of everything, especially the spirit energy swirling in the foreground.

Clean Sketch

Looking back, I laid down the values a bit incorrectly; the sky should probably be lighter than Izanami since it's closer to the main light source, making for a stronger composition value-wise. My initial consideration was that I didn't want Izanami to be too dark since she's the focus of the image, but night sky does not automatically equal pitch black. Whoops!

Grayscale Painting

I wanted to try doing grayscale to color. Even in realism, you do not want to cram in ever single plane shift and shadow: our jobs as artists are to observe, understand, simplify, and rearrange elements to make them look even better than reality! Anyways, the point is that I limit myself to using five values to render her form. On retrospect, I would've considered the colors of her kimono and darkened/lightened parts accordingly (ex: the purples a darker grey) to make things easier for me when I'm adding color x'D

Final 2

As you might be able to tell, I adjusted Izanami's size and tilted her head more up because her posture was looking a bit stiff to me. This is "Final 2" because this wasn't the first version I sent to my mentor. I'll be uploading that one later since it's also on my other PC. There is also a Final 3 in which I make final FINAL adjustments as per my mentor's suggestions, so please look forward to it! ^o^