This was the last Inktober I did for 2017! I decided to use her as the cover, since she wasn't a fanart character.


When I was doing the lineart, I noticed her anatomy was a little wonky (the top of her chest makes it look like her boobs are going to jut out, but her ribcage is almost as far out as her boobs! And her arm was a little long.


Lineart! Sticking with my goal of trying to be loose with my lineart and not worry about making everything connect perfectly. In a way, my digital inking is starting to mimic they way I ink traditionally a little more and I like that.


Masked off different parts of the artwork and did some color planning! Sticking with a warm palette here, with the purple of her hair being the main character, using yellow eyes as a strong accent and muted blues and reds for her outfit.


Woops I forgot to take process shots during this, but here she is! One new thing I tried to do was use a little atmospheric color at the edges of her hair so that she's not just a big block of purple. I originally tried using a sky blue tint (because I see that in art all the time) but it didn't show up very well (I guess because her hair is already a cool color). I used a yellow tint (complementary) instead and I think it worked out! Now just gotta put the actual book together lol!