Started with a sketch! I actually had the original poster as a transparent layer that I was drawing on top of to make sure that the farmer character was approximately the same size on both posters.


Woops, I accidentally started doing color before remembering to do a screenshot! Lineart, trying to keep it loose but not messy. I think doing things this way has gone a long way in making my artwork not look so stiff.


Flatted all the individual pieces of each character! I also adjusted the lineart some (especially the cow to make it look less cartoony -- the previous version stood out too much). At this point, I was actually color-picking from the old poster to make sure that the color scheme would also match.

Rough Color

Layout out the rough colors I want as well as some basic overall shading! I copied over and flipped the background layer from the other poster to further ensure it looked more like a set :)


More painting! Overlaid a watercolor texture to unify the colors more and brighten it up. I'm pretty satisfied with it!