Lineart, Doodle

I've been watching this show and wanted to doodle my favourite ones. I had erased the undersketch so I just have the lineart. I did the lineart in their colours because I wanted to play around with colours in this doodle. I also wanted to mimic that big-eyed style from the show but mixed with my style.


Starting out with that skin colour, it's interesting how it looks like different tones of color even though it's just the lineart making it seem that way.


Colouring the rest of them.


Add a brown background to get rid of all that white space and threw some flowers down for Kara and Jyushi and some eerie black fog for Ichi.

Color, Details, Finished, Complete

Add in those small details because Kara really needed his shiny pants and there we have it. I didn't spend a long time on this one since it was a doodle but I like how it came out nonetheless. I need to draw more of these guys.