Digital Sketch

I usually work from a scanned sketch but I felt like beginning from scratch, thinking more about mood and color.

Developing Sketch

Developing the features and elements I wanted. I hated this stage...

Developing Sketch 2

They look like creepy ghosts...

Refining 1

Big leap in features and it finally started coming together. I found a new brush I really liked in Painter which I ending up using most of the time.

Refining 2

Worked on the hands to my liking after many botched attempts.

Refining 3

I flip often to catch anything I need to fix and for some reason I liked this orientation better. Worked on dress.

Refining 4

More development on her hair and dress.

Finishing Touches

Final details in painter, then color and brightness adjustments and Jareth and Sarah are complete! This was a new process for me but I like the painterly style and hope to do more like it.