One of the thumbnails I drew for this commission! The commissioner wanted a few important places to him and his SO in the background, as well as the theme of trees. This is based on their wedding photos as well, so they're all dressed up :)


Another thumbnail option I generated for the client! We ended up going with the first one.


Sketching out the full 11"x17" piece.


Lineart using the G-pen and Turnip pen in Clip Studio! I moved the left half of the girl's hair over the right a bit after realizing her hairline was too far back. The background will be painted, so no lineart behind them.


I forgot to snap a picture of this part :( I flatted by first filling in the background with a greenish color to set the overall palette, then used the paint bucket tool + pen to fill in colors for the couple one section at a time, each section on its own layer.


I then shade! Usually I like to shade by roughly blocking out lights and shadows for all layers at once so I have a good idea as to what I want it to look like. Then I will go one layer at a time and refine the light and shadow. Lastly, I looked a lot of reference photos for grassy fields and went crazy painting the background. The field is on its own layer, and trees are on a layer on top. I gave the background a more purple color near the bottom so that the viewers' eyes would be drawn towards the center of the picture where the couple's faces are. Lastly, a top layer of leaves frames the image. I blurred it a bit so they're not too distracting.