Sketch 1

Testing out different poses!

Sketch 2 Pose Change

I decided to challenge myself with a more difficult angle, so up we go! I studied a couple of SenshiStock's photos for help.

Sketch 3 Details

Time to sketch in the details! I'm pretty rough with my sketches, but I usually pay extra attention to the face since it's usually the focus of my drawings.

Rough Lineart

Aaand done for now! The lines aren't perfect, but they're good enough for this stage in that I know where the important parts will be. Since I'll be going for a more painterly look, I won't be refining my lines until later.

Background 1

Since Levi's standing on a...gigantic puddle, it's time to add ripples so that he doesn't look like he's standing on the sky. As for the Milky Way, I used a soft brush to add color before going back in with a hard brush to add a bit of texture.

Background 2

Done with the ripples! After drawing the circles, I erased some parts and added a bit of shading here and there. I find that intentional imperfections actually makes things more lifelike. (You might notice that Levi's face isn't totally symmetrical; same principle.)

Character Painting

Time for my favorite part! Desaturated colors are a little difficult for me to get right, but I like the challenge, haha. Going to be playing with different eyebrow positions in the next few passes; the vacant stare wasn't really working for me.

Character Painting 2

I generally separate layers by color, but I like to make a one new layer over everything for refining. My laptop is crappy and can't handle too many layers, so one learns to be economic (WAR FLASHBACK). I turned down the opacity of the lines to see if the general form was distinguishable. Looks like I can start painting over the lines! :D

Character Painting 3

Haven't updated in awhile because it's mostly been just refining, and I don't think people are interested in knowing every minute detail like "I painted his left fist" or "I added three strands of hair." I decided that I'm not okay with how his eyes kinda disappear when I zoom out, so I decided to repaint them (hence the possessed black pits of evil).


I repositioned Levi's left foot, so I had to redo some of the ripples. I also added a faint glow around him to make him stand out from the background a bit more. Also, considering how he canonically only gets about 2-3 hours of sleep per day, I exaggerated the dark circles under his eyes a bit more.

Final Image

I added a slight gradient to The Giant Reflective Puddle add some depth to the image. Also, I duplicated layers I used to paint Levi, put them through Gaussain Blur, then set them to Overlay to soften and brighten his overall look. I also redid the ripples again, as I preferred the crisper appearance of my previous passes. Gosh, this took way too long; hope I can learn to be faster, haha. Anyways, enjoy :)