Thumbs And Rough Sketch

I had originally had a very different idea on the list - a silver and lavender wolf. While doodling thumbnails, I sketched this out. I was out with a group of artist friends, and they all said Kitsune! do Kitsune! So Kitsune and the Moon became a series of sketches.

Final Sketch To Watercolor Paper

Using references of Foxes, attempting to keep a flowing composition, and about a dozen sketches later, its ready to be traced onto Watercolor paper. I use a Light Table to get a clear image, and pencil with an HB .3 mechanical pencil onto Arches 140LB Hot Press Watercolor paper.

Palette Strip

I do a palette strip for each painting to make sure the colors I am picking mix as I think they will. Kitsune Lune is the one to the right. Added Indigo for some deepest blues - Mayan Dark Blue didnt quite hit it! I use primarily Daniel Smith (DS) watercolors, and also Holbein (HWC) and Holbein Iridori colors (Hiri).

Palette Expanded!

On the backside of each strip, I write out each color and a dab of the paint. The Numbers for each one are where they are in the palette. Added Indigo for some deepest blues - Mayan Dark Blue didnt quite hit it!

First Layer, Background! Sky And Moon.

I almost always start with the night sky! I have traced out the cloud formations with the Bright Turquise, and dabbed at the Moon with Potters Pink. The Sky is a mix of Indigo, both colors of Maya Blue, and then dabs of the other colors in the painting. Especially Mineral Violet and Bright Turquoise.

Clouds Roughed In

Next step is to rough in the Clouds. Using all the blues, with a dab of the purples, I do the darkest clouds farthest away from the moon, and only light shapes closest.

Kitsune Silver

Beginning to rough in the silvery form of the Kitsune in the lightest tones - Silver, Violet, and Teal. Then darkening in the paws and ears.


Why so many tails! Aaah! Using the same tones as the body, carefully darkening the "Bottom" of each tail where a fox would have a darker stripe, and leaving the tip silvery white.


Using the darkest purple, I begin to outline in little fur strokes all around the Kitsune who is quite lost in the clouds without them. Adding in Star dots and other highlights, it really begins to pop. Just needs to be photographed for prints!