After looking up loads of examples, I put together this composition. His costume is based on his ALTAir figurine!

Sketch Edits

His leg was wonky, as was his proportions! I shortened his torso and looked up a proper reference for the foot on the right. The sketch is in different colors because I have separate layers for the background, hair, body, and clothes so I can erase away without worrying about destroying other parts of the drawing.


Finished doing lineart of the character! What a complex outfit haha. Only the flashiest for Atobe.


Lined the dog, and flatted all the different parts of Atobe! I am so used to using masks in SAI, but masks/selection doesn't work quite the same in Clip Paint Pro? I need to figure out a faster way of doing this... Started saying down base colors for the background, looking at a lot of "royalty portrait" examples from Google images haha. I need to make the background darker... Started shading Atobe just a bit, inspired by the Naguri stream I had been watching earlier in the day. She uses yellows and blues to shade white! So I'm trying that out also.