Planning, Sketch

They gave me pictures of items their character had and a description. I was traveling at the time, and so I did this mock-up of what they had visioned to send for approval and edits.


The commission proper's rough sketches. The client wanted more focus on the helmet and so I thought that a seated pose would still show off the rest of the body, while keeping the head more of the focal point.

Linework Wip

Cleaning up linework~

Linework Wip 2

Finished the body~ You can see here how I usually work now, with two windows, the left one is actually the larger view, then the right is where I work, but since I finished I zoomed out all the way, haha~

Linework Wip 3

Made the rough lines for the back view, and here I realize one rather major mistake I made: designing the back of the helmet. I had to do a lot of adjusting to make it match the front while making it make sense and such... urgh... this was the best compromise that I could come up with. I'm open to ideas you guys might have. ;A;

Finished Piece

Here it is at the end~