Initial sketch. The idea for this started as a quick doodle. It's been unseasonably warm this spring, so I've been wanting to draw something summery and I've been researching sunflowers for the garden so I've had these happy flowers on my mind recently. I usually work in blue lines because it's easier for me to ink over and I really like the line quality of this blue pencil brush I have.


Lines done. I don't usually do this at the lines stage, but since this one is so shoujo-esque, I added some pencil shading and a quick screen tone for fun. I'll probably take it out when I color the final piece (or maybe not- haven't decided ^^).

Color First Pass

First round on color. Hopefully the colors don't look totally crazy - I'm having calibration issues this evening. TT___TT Continuing from the last step, I usually do a flat colors step, but I'm using this piece to try out some new brushes, so I decided to just go for it all in one sitting! @_@ This was a new way of coloring for me, but I really liked the marker look - especially in the hair. I also decided to keep the screen tone shaded areas for extra texture. I'll give this another pass with color, fixing up highlights, adding lighting, working on hat a bit more, etc. after I've had a few days away from it.


I tweaked the colors a bit, fixed some hair weirdness (or as my mom called it - "a case of the invisible hair" >_>) and relined the sunflower stems instead of being lazy about it. :D I also decided to "soften" some of the outlines by slightly coloring them, but I'm not sure if it's totally working. I wish I had more time to work on this - but then I always do!