Rough Sketch

This is my first rough sketch. When I plan for things, I'm very internal. I like to brood and think on it (sometimes act it). I personally find that this is how things work for me, much better than doodling many roughs. I do admittedly, edit a lot as I go but I enjoy this process!

Rough Sketch 2 Light Study

I actually normally don't do light studies, but, I felt like for this one, I just needed to add that extra oomph to make sure things would go right and feel just right. Might change as I go along, nothing is completely set in stone right now.

Lineart Wip

Cleaning up the lines. Admittedly I put this in the backburner, as I was mentally deciding on how I was going to color this piece, as the coloring I choose often affects how I work on the lineart. This is currently heading more towards a digital-looking piece.

Lineart Wip 2

Finishing the hair gave me a mild headache, and so I thought it was good to dedicate a step for its completion. xD haha

Lineart Wip 3

Finished my girl and started to give my formless guy a bit more form. I changed the broken area a bit to reflect more of the feel that she went through him.

Lineart Complete

Finished with my clean lines, and I actually edited her face a little. I noticed that her eyebrows were a little raised than my original sketch, and that she didn't look quite as sad as I wanted so I tweaked it and showed it to my husband, only to find that he thought she had no expression at all!! He thought that the expression looked neutral-focused, and I was rather shocked. I had shown it to a friend, who knew the context of the image and she thought it was sad, and so showing the picture to someone who didn't know the context, it was surprising. Needless to say, I edited it until the expression read better. That goes to show, you should show your image to someone who doesn't know the context from time to time. Definitely helped me.

Before + After Comparison Shot

Here's a closer look at the before and after edits to her face. What do you guys think?

Coloring Wip

Before I started coloring, I made the background a different shade of gray. This is a technique that I normally didn't use, but I knew would give a better result, so I thought I'd go and push myself to make things look better. I wanted the only purely white things on the piece to be the tears. This was the plain, initially at least. Finished my girl, wondering if it's too dark or not. Pretty proud of it overall...

Coloring Wip 2

Starting on my guy here, and adding the brights, it's turning out pretty nicely. Coloring the lines as well. c: The "white" here is not actually white, but a really pale yellow. Just to add to the whole feeling of "fading to nothing"

Finished Image

Turned out better than expected? I wonder if I should make the tears bigger? Either way, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. c:

Final Image

So, I kept staring at the "finished" image and thought that I should push the darks a bit more. So here is the -actual- final image. 8D;;