I struggle with hands a lot so I tend to just squiggles it out until I can decide where all the fingers go. I usually focus a lot on the faces so--that's where it's usually cleaner and has more details. Next up will be the inking!


:U here's the general result after... very messy inking, laughs. I'll be coloring next and I'll try to keep it into three steps or so.


I-- am pretty bad at remembering how to remember to take screenshots of each step I take with coloring. OTL But essentially, I start with a base like the left face and then build up color on the same layer using darker tints and light contrasts.

Final Piece

OTL Tip: Don't draw when you're super tired because you make terrible and rather stupid mistakes. ;; I'm not too pleased with the coloring for everything except the face tbh so I might redo it later.

Finaly Piece Ver 2

edited with small bits!!