Base Sketch

At this point im doodling, I still don't really know what I want to do with the background, idk what that yellow line ever was lol

Base Colors

Blocked in the major colors, decided to stick to pink because this was during a phase where all my pictures were pink...

Detailed Sketch

removed the sketch lines and started trying to define the plug suits some more?


reduced lineart to a minimum and tried to clean things up a bit


Just... Cleaning.... lol added some weird fog behind shinji to try to separate him from kaworu

More Cleaning

After + a bajillion hours I've basically cleaned up as much as I cared to and I never want to draw plug suits again ever

Final Adjustments

At this point I realize the long format is not print-friendly so I crop it. Also do hue/saturation and contrast/brightness changes.... now that I look at it shinji still looks hella yellow and kaworu's shoulder perspective is like REALLY wonky oh well I dont think I'd ever fix this - v -