Started Lining

Lineart Almost Done

decided to change the concept............ also THIS LACKS LEGS

Lineart Done

added legs, fixed the waist and some other details, this is gonna be hell to color lmao

Put Down Flats On The Birthright Azura

Woops I Finished

I FORGOT TO KEEP TRACK OF MY PROGRESS but basically: 1) after putting down flats i started shading, i wanted the amulet to kinda be my source of light 2) being unable to shade azura's hair, it was brought up to my attention that the way i drew it at first was too stiff and gelled which is why shading it was impossible. i redid it all with help, and it looks better now! 3) once i was done with birthright azura, i went for conquest azura, which...... honestly is the same thing but with different colors, so that wasn't hard to tweak with 4) colored the amulet 5) made the outside lines thicker for a more interesting look 6) did a small, simple background effect 7) added some colors on overlay for more contrast 8) ITS OVER AND IM SO GLAD