To be honest this sketch was one where I was trying out different poses for practice. I liked this one and thought Gwendolyn would look nice with it sooooo

Base Colors

I put down the main colors of the character down, I didn't really know what to do with the bg so there's a lot of color going on lol

Rough Shading

I put some ambient shading in to try to get the form to come out... her face looks really creepy here

Cleaning 1

Usually I like to start with the face when I clean because unless I see a face I can't really connect to the picture??? Also throught the image was a bit weighted to the right so I cropped out some of the left part.

Background Change

I actually stopped working on this picture for about half a year because of schoo things, and when I came back I really disliked the bg. I figured Gwendolyn's most recognizable feature was her bright turquoise accents in her outfit, so in order to make those pop I decided to go with color contrast and reduced the bg to almost all white and almost all black. I had a tough time choosing here but I decided to go with the dark background because I have too many pictures with light backgrounds ... lol ; u ;

Cleaning 2

Based on that thumbnail I've basically gone through and tried to clean up various parts of the picture (like her head still looks big lol).... almost... there.... hng...!!!!