Drew this as a bit of a stress reliever, so no fancy compositions.


Dramatic portrait lighting time! I don't know if it's noticeable, but I gradually desaturated his skin as it got closer to his chin to add a bit of tone variety. People are generally redder near the cheek area, so I tried to apply that principle here.


Painted over his eyes so that he's not sporting that heavy guyliner look.


Added some Titan blood to his face for drama xD


Duplicated the blood layer and set the one on top to overlay (I think). Toggled with the opacity to get this color.


Titan blood evaporates (? is that the correct term), so I added steam. Used a blurring brush to soften the edges.

Final Touches

Duplicated the steam layer and erased some parts to highlight certain areas. Slapped on a purpleish overlay, darkened the edges, and done :)