I put off working on this for sooo long, but sometimes you need to kick artist block to the curb and just draw. I had a rough sketch of their faces but ended up scanning and finishing the sketch in photoshop. I think I'll end up moving his mask to balance the composition better.


I have a love/hate relationship with lineart. Might just start jumping in with some color.

Color 1

Things are getting messy... I put down blotches of colors to have an idea of what I want and a base to work form.

Color 2

More messy colors. Not sure if I'll have his arm up or down.

Color 3

Kept changing his arm back and forth but felt the composition was lacking when it was down. Added some base shading.

Color 4

Now this art has been sitting on my computer for nearly a year. I made a huge mess of all my layers mixed together and had to struggle through.

Color 5

Ended up removing the cat to keep the focus on Hei and Yin and worked in a city and the wall and more background details.

Final Details

Final art. I have to say I made it a super frustrating process but am happy with the results. Hope you enjoy seeing the process :)