Done in pencil with .5mm and .7mm lead. I picked some succulents at random after some Googling, and arranged them in a wreath around Max.


Decided to do lines with a slightly textured brush. Refining the succulents and details of Max's hair. Fixing some things I didn't like about the sketch.

Flat Colors

Flat colors applied underneath the lines. Might change the background color based on the final plant colors later.

Shading, Rendering

The home stretch! All the shading has been added to Max and her succulent pals. Also added a little texture to the background. I could technically leave this as is, but I like to tinker with things a bit more when I finish rendering.

Final Piece

Aaaand done! I've colored my lines, nothing extremely drastic but I find it makes things look less artificial. Which is something I definitely wanted for this. Adjusted the overall hues a bit too.