First Sketch

This is my first pass at seeing how I would like to portray this particular character. She ended up being kind of clunky and awkward looking, which I didn't like so I decided to have another go at her.

Second Sketch

The second pass at this character. Made her a little more lanky and soft and felt like the dot eyes would give her more of a spaced out look.


Pretty self explanatory step! I used a pilot double ended brush pen for inking her. I like this one because the ink goes on way super dark so I don't have to worry too much about clean up in Photoshop!

Sketchbook To Photoshop!

This step is harder to show but what I do is I take a photo of the sketch, email it to myself, download it to the computer, open it in Photoshop, and let the clean up and colouring begin!

Almost There!

This character is going to be added to a series of black and white stickers I've already made. I downloaded some screentone brushes to try my hand at them and I really love the outcome!

Really, Almost Done

After the image is finished I print, laminate, and hand cut each sticker!

Finished Product!

Now she's ready for selling or sticking on whatever I want!