Sketch Rough

I start with a sketch of Shin Ah. This is done with a regular black pen on printer paper. Roughly 2" x 3".

Lineart Before Coloring

I decided that I wanted to do a watercolor piece, so I begin to prep my sheet, 8" x 10". I tape my border, sketch out in pencil, then begin to lineart with water-proof sepia micron pen, red and black pen. When I do my lines, I finalized my drawing and add the details.


Lineart finished. The skin is done with sepia micron pen. The rest is mainly done with a black water-proof pen.

Coloring Base

The base color mainly consist of blocks of colors, and the skin color half-way done. With watercolor, I mix colors a lot. Also I try something new, this time I started with background color before the coloring of the chibi. *Fingers-crossed that I can make this background like I plan for it.

Coloring Background 1

Here, I darken my lines by painting it over with a brown and dark navy blue, for the hair. My focus here is to finish up on Shin Ah, and working on background after. I like to work on section at a time rather moving all over the page.

Coloring Background 2

The washes on the background turned out very nice, I used 3 different colors to mix. And I focus on the contrast in this piece using two different water pentel brush pen, and mixed a lot of colors. I need more practice on my mixing, notice the one leave that is darker than the rest, it's not consistent.

Coloring Highlight

The finishing touches, by adding in the white using copic white and white gouache. White gouache for the clouds, and to highlight the hair, cheeks, edges of clothes, eyes, tree, and leaves.

Coloring Close Up

Close up shot of the tree and how it was highlighted.

Finished Piece

Final piece is framed and photographed. I miscalculated my frame, so the top is cropped losing one cloud thingy. Plus, the blue from his hair finally shown up. I'm not good with taking photo and adjusting the colors to be accurate. This is the second time I worked this big, so I am quite happy with how it turned out. One challenge I tried to tackle is the textured ground and the fake-like big leaves in the background. I was so worried the background will be mess up, but it wasn't. 100% happy with it.