Base Sketch

This sketches shows the base sketch of the drawing that will be lines and color. Here it is drawn with out the clothing only the base body and hair.

Second Base Sketch

Some edits in the part have been made to eyes and hair along with a base area where stars will go. Clothing has been added.

Base Sketch With Lines

Line art has been added to the sketch for the two middle figures (Ruby and Sapphire) with a base color to make it stand out from the background.

Liner Art And Effects

Here we have the lines with some stars added. The two background figures have been lined with a base color to show lines.

Flat Color Part 1

Now here i have added colors to ruby and sapphire. With some effects added to the back ground as well. some line have also been edited .

Flat Color Part 2 With Effect Edits

In this step i have added some more effects after doing some more flats, some changes have been made to colors along with removal of some colors.

Shading Part 1

Ruby and Sapphire have now been fully colored with minor effects added to the body to give it a better feel. Next step is to color both garnets!

Shadeing Part 2

I have now shaded all the characters in this step and will add on the shine effects to the eyes, hair and lips.

Effect Part 1

Shin has been added to lips, hair and some clothing along with the eyes. After this step will come the last of the effects which will complete the pice! Extra effects will be done in Photoshop.

Completed Project.

THe last step of the procces and th elast effects have been added along with it being sighned and some edits made. This work has taken over 6 hours and thats not counting breaks. Program used: PainttoolSai for full draw and Photoshop for the last edits. Tablet: Wacom Cintiq