Lineart for The Dark Tower. I start with a black canvas, and work with silver sharpie to lay down lines. Linework is hazy, but gives a general idea of how to proceed.

Layer 1

The first oil layer. I start with deep colors, which I want to lay the underlying foundation with. The crimson hues of the roses and the dark sections of the sky came first.

Layer 2

Layer two is built upon the foundation of layer one. I finished up the mountain ranges, added stars, and pulled everything in toward the center of the piece, working from the background forward.

Layer 3

Layer three mostly comprised of finishing the background and adding small details. I started under layering of the foreground, and began working on the middle of the piece.

Layer 4

For this layer, I finished the left hand side of the piece first. Since oil can dry at different times, I wanted to be cautious of the sharp lines of the tower while working. I transitioned from the middle to the tower itself, laid boundaries for the actual tower, and put down the first bright tones.

Layer 5

Layer five started out well, but quickly caused me to backtrack. I didn't like the curve on the black vines on the tower in layer 4, so I revised the design to include a stronger grasp on this element. This ended up pulling out most of my highlights, which I decided not to fix.

Final Piece

For the final piece, I added highlighting to the archway and the mortar in the tower itself, as well as the steps of the walkway. I brushed in soft highlights and took away harsh contrasts to clean the piece up. I finished by coating it in a thin layer of linseed oil, until it can be varnished at a layer date.