I wanted to do an excalibur-esque scene but set in a swamp!


I followed the sketch pretty closely when doing the lines, leaving out some of the background detail that I plan on adding back in the color stage. I also simplified the tree in the center to make it less distracting.

Color Keys

Some color tests to get the feel of the place! Just basic colors and light directions, I plan on adding reflections to the water later. I ended up going with the far left one.

Flat Colors

Blocking out the colors, added in some tree shapes in the background to give it a little more depth.


Shadows for the foreground pieces! I put some stripes on the bathtub to try and make it look a little more metallic. I also decided on a general light source coming from the left. It's a purple-ish color set on multiply.


Light! This is a yellow gradient from the left, in addition to sharp highlights on the trees to bring out the bark patterns, both set on overlay.


I felt like the sword was getting a little lost due to the lighting and the background. I added in these rays to draw more attention to it. Also added some reflective detail to the water.


Added two layers using Kyle's grain FX and noise FX brushes on overlay.

Final Adjustments

Finally toned down the rays of light and added a circular gradient around the tip of the sword.