Group pictures can be tough to plan out, so I decided to make a sort of "post-concert group photo" scene. I keep my sketches pretty loose.

Lineart 1

The girls' outfits are all slightly different with a lot of details, so I kept references in another window. I thought about sketching the outfit details first, but in the end I just drew them straight into the lineart. (When I add too much details to my sketches, it just feels like I'm drawing everything twice.)

Lineart 2

I did the three on the left on a new level. The sketch for Eli (on the far right) had been bugging me, so I made a second sketch layer to draw a new one, and adjusted Nozomi a bit before inking her as well.

Lineart 3

I also belatedly started drawing adjacent characters on separate layers so that I could erase stray lines more easily.

Finishing Touches

The lines are done! I added pupils to their eyes to make them look a little less soulless, haha. I also ended up doubling the layer with the first three girls, since they're closest to the viewer yet seemed to have the thinnest lines.


I put all of the lineart on one layer (a duplicate - I kept the original separate ones just in case) and colored them dark pink, then made a light pink background with a slight gradient and signed the corner. Good to go!