Aside from redrawing Chat Noir's pose way too many times until I was happy ~ basic line art stage over my sketch.

Base Colors

Base colors on my usual layers for skin, clothes, and hair. Till here I worked in photoshop but from here I'll take it over to Corel Painter for coloring.

Color Shading

Most of the coloring done! Some final details needed than on to the background.

Color Details

Colored the line art and added some extra details. Decided to open Ladybug's mouth like in my original sketch.

Background Wip

Dropped in a neutral gray and began with a flower idea behind them. With the help of a friend we decided the flowers should be lilac for first love and yellow chrysanthemum for secret admirer / neglected love ;).


The final art! Mixed the flowers together and added detail, created a dot pattern, and drew their names which I outlined with the characters to help them stand out. This step took awhile till I discovered what I liked.

Final Alternate

I did one side by side but then combined them for this version :)