Decided to sketch in brown this time since I'm planning to paint this one. (Also, oops - just noticed I posted this one flipped horizontally >_>;;)

Sketch 2 Pose Change

Haha how did the title autofill know what I was up to? Decided I really hated that top hand and it made no sense to be showing off a pearl, so changed to a knife and zoomed out a bit to show more clearly the mermaid-y-ness. Ran out of sketch time for today, so mitten hands for everyone!


After working on this back and forth (I flip canvas a lot when I'm drawing) I noticed that I kept thinking this was the "right" direction, so I've decided to leave it. Faces changed a bit with linework. Still trying to decide how I want to color. I was originally going to go straight into painting from sketch 2 and then changed my mind. Not sure yet how I want it to look with colors. >_<

Final Colors (Sort Of)

Faces changed again. Hahaha! This is the final printed piece, BUT I'm not very happy with the contrast or how it printed. I'm planning to take this back to black and white tonality and take another stab at it some time when I'm not sick of looking at it. ;P