First step is a loose sketch to determine composition and character placement. I always sketch in this color since it is very eye-catching, but light enough that I can line over it. I also use a thick, 9px brush so I can draw more comfortably, with the canvas zoomed out.


I then line over the sketch with a black, size 5px brush and add in all the details. I want to keep the image fun and simple, so the lines are still relatively thick. This is also the step where I find all the mistakes in my sketch and (try to) fix them. This is when I realized Maya's magatama is drawn the other way around, but let's just keep that in between us... Nobody will notice...


Pretty self-explanatory; just flat colors. I'm not very good at palettes and don't have a great sense of color, so I just lay out loose colors that look close enough to the references. By the end of this, you will notice how much heavy color editing I tend to do to make up for my shortcomings haha.


I layer my shades, and I tend to work on each section (by color) separately, but for the sake of this step by step process, I am shading the whole image to show how I first set my shadows.

Shades 2

Adding a few more layers of shading! I also add a bit of red gradient with the airbrush tool.

Shades 3

Pretty much done with the shading! All that's left is some (major) color adjusting and a few details here and there. Also added Maya's wristband which I had forgotten to draw in.


Finally, just a few finishing touches like color balancing and coloring in the lineart! Phew! All done!