I usually do a quick rundown of what I want to draw. Usually I tend to focus on the face and the general flow on position because that's what I struggle with the most.


Inked in version! I've adjusted positions and cleaned up things for detail! It looks a lot less awkward and more "natural."

Coloring 1

Coloring in the skin and deciding on the basic tones that I want. I usually start with a lighter base, add in the other colors, then highlight!

Coloring 2

Coloring in the details for the shirt!! Same process as coloring 1!

Coloring 3

Coloring in the hair and eyes! 100% done with that section now except for final highlights!

Coloring 4

Coloring in the extras (so the bgs. I colored in the red and blue first before adding in the black.


Adjusted a bit of color, added in the blush (and smaller details) and finally cutline for the charm!! And finished!!