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incomplete: the WIP zine is a zine about showcasing different creative processes! This is an open-call, non-profit zine that will be available as a digital download on Gumroad and hopefully as a printed book. We're hoping to make this a recurring (perhaps monthly?) zine!

Each accepted entry will take up about 2 or 3 pages in the zine, including each WIP post as well as accompanying commentary.

Any proceeds will be used to pay for zine printing and support Mosaic's server costs! Any excess will be donated to a charity to be determined.


The following submissions (listed in no particular order) received the most votes from the Mosaic community! Congratulations to all the winners!

Get the Zine

The zine is currently being assembled! We're aiming to release the zine in early June :)

Submission Rules

  • Your submission must be uploaded through Mosaic -- this website you're looking at right now. We cannot accept submissions through email or any other means.
  • Original or fanart work is OK, excluding any properties that do not allow the sale of fanwork (RWBY, Disney, etc.)
  • Both traditional and digital submissions are OK.
  • You must submit artwork that was in-progress at the time you signed up for Mosaic. In other words, dissecting an old piece of artwork that you finished a while back is OK to post on Mosaic, just not OK for this zine. The reason is because we'd like an accurate picture of how you worked on something, which can be hard to remember if it was a long time ago! So, artwork you're currently in the middle of working on, or artwork you just started, is totally A-OK!
  • It is OK to post the artwork you're planning on submitting to other websites.
  • Your submission must be complete -- it must show your process from start to finish. This means there must be more than one WIP image in the project, as well as descriptions for each part of your process.
  • You can update your project anytime until the deadline!
  • It is completely OK and even encouraged to submit work you are working on for other purposes (commissions, personal art, etc.). Submitting to the zine should be fun and not extra work for you!
  • To receive payment, you must be an artist who is a citizen or resident of the U.S., for sad bureaucratic reasons.

Tips for Submission

  • Your work-in-progress shots should be roughly the same size each -- it will make it look a lot nicer in the zine!
  • Try to write descriptions under each WIP explaining your thought process! This zine is less about how "good" you are at art, and more about a clear, readable, and interesting series of posts of how you completed a project. For this reason, we welcome artists of all levels to submit.

Submission Selection

  • Everyone that submits will receive a $40 gift card. We want to make sure submitting to the zine is worth your time! Since we'll be paying for all submissions, we will be capping submissions to 30 slots. This is a new rule (as of 4/10/2016), so now that we are paying for all submissions, we've removed the selection prize (the $60 gift card for the 10 artists selected).
  • Your submission will only count if your submissions is complete. Therefore, the first 30 submissions that are complete at the time of the deadline will receive payment.
  • 10 submissions will be selected for the actual zine.
  • Submissions will be selected through popular vote from the Mosaic community. The voting round will happen after the submission deadline. People will be able to vote for 3 submissions that are not their own.

Submission Deadline: April 25 2016, 11:59 PM

How can I stay updated?

Lots of ways! :D

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